Kasun Thennakoon
Kasun Thennakoon
Ex-Front-end Engineer at
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I am Kasun Thennakoon, a programmer and web developer based in Toronto, Canada. I am originally from Sri Lanka, which gives me a different viewpoint in my work. Besides programming, I enjoy music, documentaries, and fun activities like swimming and cycling.


I have a strong interest in web technologies, and currently, I am focused on learning the ins and outs of the AWS SNS console. In my previous role, I had the opportunity to lead the development of web portals within the WSO2 API Manager product. My main objective was to create a sleek and modern API management experience for users.


All of my work is Open Source and Free for anyone to copy, cut, paste, delete, share, steal, or any other verb you could possibly think of,
But please be aware that, most of the projects here are incomplete, and should be seen as prototypes rather than practical implementations. In fact, some projects have been known to instantly crash my computer (due to overwhelming awesomeness), so I've temporarily taken them offline until I have the time to debug them.


My primary area of interest lies in web technologies, encompassing web development, performance, security, and APIs. However, I do not limit myself to a particular set of tools, as I always strive to expand my knowledge base. I have a strong desire to dig deeper into the inner workings of these technologies and often take detailed notes for my own future reference. I also hope that these notes can be helpful to others who want to learn more about these topics.