Moving from static HTML to dynamic web

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My presence on the internet was marked with the name KBsoft in early days.Start reserving domain names from and DNS providers in those days, who gave free domain names.and with free hosting services like 000webhost and freehostia, I started publishing my content to the WWW. With the cool new technology “cloud computing”  start to take over the internet,

AmazonWebservices_LogoI too tried the AWS web services with their free tier promotion.It was a great feeling to know that, you can have a full access to a remote server running in opposite hemisphere of where you are living in.As I can remember, When I was registered in AWS there was no Asian region data center to select as the location.

GoDaddyBut still I was lacking with the proper domain name for map all the IP addresses to something wich I can remember.So that is where I thought to throw away all the free DNS services and go for a paid .com domain.Then I google to find the best DNS provider and came up with GoDaddy. The mapping of AWS elastic IP to domain name was a trouble, and I wanted to create subdomains with my domain name, For that I used CloudFlare DNS service.It makes so much easy to manage DNS records.They have a whole lot of features and I only use very few of them.



AWS EC2 were testing ground for me to play and experiment a lot of crazing things on the web,From just deploying web apps to string video frames coming from security cam mounted in the home, I was experimenting a wide range of Internet of Things.I was curious to make an about me page after seen a wonderful about me page of Vladimir Agafonkin who is the main contributor in leaflet JS library.I vastly took his page and make the changes to fit with my details.And it was a pure Static HTML and CSS.


With the google’s introduction of material design concept I was interested in writing a complete personal web, the platform backed with Django and Material design concept.It will be a good experience on both Python Django and UI/UX concepts as well.Still the underline IaaS(Is it IaaS,PaaS or SaaS ?? This StackOverflow question and This article will clear your doughs ) layer will remain same as AWS EC2 since it is free and easy to manage.But I have tried different IAAS services like google computes engine and Rackspace,But still AWS attracts me to their services may be I have become more brand loyal to them now. The complete personal information platform will be an opensource one so that anyone in the far end corner of the world can try it and contribute.

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