Human density calculation and tracking using passive infrared(PIR) sensor network

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The basic problem addressed by this project is the measurement of population density in a geographical area at a given time to provide business intelligence data. Under this project, population density of closed loops are measured. Population density needs to be calculated, represented numerically and visually. Main sensing device used is Panasonic’s Grid-EYE sensor. Microcontroller with Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity is used to send the human detection information to a central server for further processing and storing. Sensing nodes in the grid send information to the central complex event processing (CEP) where calculations regarding direction, absolute position and pattern identifications are undertaken. Human Detection and Filtering module filters out unwanted objects, detects humans and outputs signal to the next component. The thermal image outputted by Grid-EYE sensor is transferred to the microprocessor under I2C protocol. Population Density Calculation and Storage Management component outputs the population density and stores the relevant data elements in the central data base. Least important legacy data are deleted at predefined time intervals. Output Visualization component depicts overall situation in a graphical medium. Human movements are represented in a real time human movement map as well. Data mining algorithms are run on top of the data stored in the central database to provide business intelligence information. Data mining module enables the end users to query historic population density data and predict future population density values.

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