Making new Knnections!

person kasunfolder_openUncategorizedaccess_time May 14, 2014

Hello everyone this is my first blog post, still kinda new to this subject, but i’m interested on posting some interesting post in the future.I can remember before StackOverflow came into action, its blogpost which appear to help us, when do a google search for find an answer.Seems it is an interesting work to maintain a blog.So lets begin with that…….


Let me start with one of my favorite quotes on Linux o/s, which i found when reading the  book “The Hacking Solution” by Gerhard Mourani

“People prefer to use other OS’s, which
are easy to operate but hard to understand what is happening in the background since they only
have to click on a button without really knowing what their actions imply”
–Gerhard Mourani

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