Amahi Disk-Wizard

This post will explain and guide you through how to test the Amahi Disk-Wizard plugin. Even though Amahi is an rails based platform and Disk-Wizard plugin itself is a rails application,you might need to use a virtual machine or physical PC/Laptop dedicated for testing purpose. Since disk-wizard plugin involve in manipulating hard disk drives,testing on your […]

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Amahi Disk-Wizard plugin(v0.3)

Amahi disk-wizard plugin simply allow its users to create,edit manipulate their storage devices as the prefer, v 0.3 is the first(alpha) release of the plugin.  In this post i will go through the basic functionalities of the plugin and explain little bit about its architecture and how its work. Amahi plugins are kind of Rails engine […]

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Making new Knnections!

Hello everyone this is my first blog post, still kinda new to this subject, but i’m interested on posting some interesting post in the future.I can remember before StackOverflow came into action, its blogpost which appear to help us, when do a google search for find an answer.Seems it is an interesting work to maintain a blog.So lets […]

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